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Lost and Found

January 4, 2011

Yesterday morning I had a panic attack. I couldn’t find my iPod.
It totally sucks to go to the gym in the morning and not have an iPod because in the morning the gym will be empty. Why? Here in Trivandrum, majority of the young people who come to the gym are overweight and come only to drop the relevant kilos to look presentable, in most cases for their own weddings that may be say one month away. This majority never comes in by 6.00 AM. The next chunk of people are aunties older than 40 who have their doctors say-“go to the gym or never eat rice and chicken ever in your life”. So, they wander to the gym with bored eyes by around 11.00 AM, share gossip and watch some serial with the similarly bored instructor, limber up the treadmill for 2.8 minutes and leave.
In effect, when I go to the gym between 6.00 AM and 7.15 AM, there hardly is a soul around, not even the instructor. If there is no one around and you don’t even have some music to keep company, you tend to go slack and burn less than you would like to. So what’s the point going to the gym?
But then, just this reason shouldn’t warrant a panic attack.
My iPod is one of my most cherished gifts, ever. I could never replace it and I would never too. For once it is personalized and the sentimental value attached to it is immense! I remember the day, the time down to exact minute when it arrived by post.! I am quirky like that, yes, but I love love love my iPod. It reminds me of someone’s special smile at my glee on receiving it. It reminds me of early morning thoughts about someone. It reminds me of the wonderfulness of surprise gifts. I am such a sucker for surprise gifts and Jo only rarely does plan them, but when he does there is no surprise like that!
Yesterday morning my palms were sweaty just thinking how could lose it. I wanted to make the clock run faster just to be 8.00 so I could call my friend at office to check if it was there. I wanted to rummage through everything to find it back. Crap. I wanted it. badly.
I wanted to believe it was here somewhere, and since the room was being painted and I couldn’t just look since everything were in boxes, I let it lie and hoped like mad it would be somewhere safe.

Today afternoon, I randomly opened a box to pull out my scarf, when, lying snugly in it was the lost baby! Oh man, I couldn’t explain the relief. And the happiness that washed over me! Somehow, even with all the hope, I was almost sure someone had nicked it from me, cos I never let the thing out of my bag.

Ever contemplated how love ties umpteen memories together and brings so many different things into perspectives otherwise unperceived?



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  1. Sandeep permalink
    February 20, 2011 1:51 am


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