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A New Year and Some Thoughts

January 1, 2011

A lot of blogs have done their favourite memories from the year gone by. I was pondering over it too last week, but come to think of it, except a smattering of things here and there, I have very few changes to report from 2010. I am still at the same job, still at the same place and still doing almost the same things.
Some of the months were good, some were utterly boring. In the end I have decided that the post about 2010 will not happen. 2010 was stagnant so to speak. I was expecting a few things to happen, but they were pushed back and now I except the same to happen this year.

So, this year, the year 2011, is special. I have dreams connected with it, memories I would like to associate with it and fond changes that I would like to remember 2011 by.

I have goals about this year and some really serious resolutions; one of them is of course to write more here. Looking back, my resolutions have always in some way or another intertwined with some other people hopes and aspirations. This way, I end up not getting what I wish I should. This year too I have some such changes I wish would happen, but most are connected to me, so I hope they materialise.

Most importantly, I hope and wish that, same time next year, I will jump at the chance to do a year in review 2011 post. A post filled with pleasant changes, inspiring things, and dreams an inch closer.

So till next year,


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  1. January 3, 2011 8:48 am

    🙂 Wish you a happening New Year filled with joy and happiness.. 🙂


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