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The women in my life

November 26, 2010

When I think of the women who matter in my life, two things come to my mind- Strong, and funny.
For a start, take my mother. I may have 100 million differences of opinion and 201 million fights with her on a given day, but there is no denial that she is a strong woman. Strong willed although emotional, a tad too uncompromising on morals for my liking (I think, Mr. Manu from the old ages was who she inherited this trait from) and silly but not so much. And man is she funny! Her punch lines come in the most unexpected times and they tickle in the most stupid ways.

All my close friends are strong too and funny. Thanks to them, I grew up understanding jokes and appreciating the good way of life. My best friend from the school days is an only daughter, but not spoiled or pampered and always gets a great joke. My childhood to teenage to ladyhood to wifehood to mommyhood (overshot! I stop) friends too are characterized by emotional toughness and an oh so ahmazing ability to crack naughty jokes. How I adore those evenings with them. We ll all sit and share the latest from hidden Cosmopolitans and discuss the intricacies of a particularly raunchy article. And think of independent apartments and weekend gateways! Those were the good times.
My girl friends would never give a damn about the 0.005 th percentage of a mark that the topper got more than her and cry over it to her mommy, yet they are all doing great now, following what they love.

When I went to the dump of a college to study Engineering, the thing that bothered me enough to contemplate running away the first week was lack of any sensible girl at the hostel. But as days turned to weeks and back benches were filled with like minded females, I found my two closest friends-to-be at the chemistry class where, incidentally, they murmured a joke and suddenly I felt like coming home from Kargil. We stuck together through stupid classes, gross exam questions and marks that went down to the deep throes of earth. Frequent attempts by one of them to move to the front bench to study were defeated by the quirkiness we shared and she would come back to the back bench to celebrate life our way. They were strong too and funny. And truth to tell, I would not have survived four years of crappy college without them.

The girls I love from work are also people who can get a good joke. I miss all my friends at work (most moved on to greener pastures*sigh*) who were women enough to ward of a great joke with another great one. How wonderful were our coffee breaks that were laced with dollops of sarcasm and self criticism? And how I miss all my friends who wouldn’t cry and go red and be u.t.m.o.s.t embarrassing at a good joke! Like below:

Scene: Bunch of females in office sharing gossip over lunch.

Dialogue direction: Discussion is on Ranbeer Kapoor and his latest interview; his milestones at turning 18 and how do I put it subtly; his adventures from the latter parts of a day. (Those who don’t get it may discontinue reading. Period.)

Discussion slowly turns to making comments on newly married people and their thoughtful insights on the intricacies of life.

Also jokes are made about the unmarried people in the group.

So, I, out of my old habit, which I had discontinued for a while, because the audience was a tad backward, smile and say to the friend I am more close to in the group.

“Ha, why do you worry about these things? Just make sure that you never marry a doctor. “

The said friend goes all red and shouts at me and says these exact things “Mind your words ok. IN BOLD).

Riiight. How do you judge a woman who cannot understand the FIRST twisted joke a girl learns? When will the said genre of woman, whose existence I was unsure of, learn it?

Tagline: – The said friend is now an ex-friend.
– Also, I understand you might have noticed I used intricacies twice. I am just fascinated by this word today.

And since no post is really complete without a picture, here is a thumbnail of my best friend on her wedding day. 🙂 She looks so radiant!



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  1. November 26, 2010 4:43 pm

    Oh.. I dint call her!!… Looks like she s immersed in gold…

    And why was your stupid friend annoyed of not marry a doc comment!!

    And you really think using the SAME sentence in the SAME post is a big deal… OMG.. Ahankaram!! 😛

    BTW, share more pics of her wedding if you have..


    • November 27, 2010 9:12 am

      Yes, she sure was immersed in gold! But she looked pretty 🙂

      Pinne I dont have any pics since I only took my phone. I ll send you a link if I get any.

  2. Anoopa permalink
    November 26, 2010 11:49 pm

    Nice work L-cool! I like it better than the blog on Mr. Triv.
    And I miss your three-some from college too!!! Nobody cracked real jokes like u guys did! I felt at home too when u guys got together…

    • November 27, 2010 9:10 am

      Anoopa, Thank you!!! We miss you guys too. Coming to hijack Mish from you and Jiji and then staying put and making fun of everything!

      We loved you guys!!!

  3. November 27, 2010 2:17 pm

    Good one! I gladly take up the responsibility of informing your mom about the praises showered on her.

    And what is this joke about not marrying doctors? :s

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