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My Marriage with Mr. Triv

October 29, 2010

Starting to write about me the umpteenth time on a blog is pathetic really. The reason is that, I have had a number of blogs right through the start of the whole blogging revolution to as recent as 5 months ago. But, I would lose steam and not update. Then I would get frustrated about not updating. Then I would get angry about the frustration. Then in a bout of self-pity, I ll press the delete button. Afterwards at night, I ll lament, and beat my poor battered pillow and make stupid resolutions of starting over again. This blog cycle has continued at least five times.

So what’s different his time, one might think. Lots, people, lots.

This time I am writing about the most constant thing about my life! And hoping to build up after the one place that loves me to bits, Trivandrum! On this blog, Trivandrum is Mr. Triv for me, cos that is how much we have known each other for me to call him by a pet name. Mr. Triv has never let go of my poor, battered self, even after substantial bad mouthing about him to all my friends and random strangers who ask me about him; even after I made up my mind to divorce him over his ever backward attitude, his silly airs about being a capital city but never performing what is expected of him, his absolute disregard to keep this marriage healthy by taking me out to good restaurants –(his excuse: I don’t have any) or good places to shop (his excuse: I don’t have any), or great places to hang out (his excuse: I don’t have any) and of course the new hypocrisies he would throw at me on a daily basis.
But Mr. Triv is in love. With me. So much that while I was in my honest teens going to school in braces and skirts, he decided that he would hold me close to his heart. You see, I was his girl after all, growing up here with him, so he knew I would be cranky and I would complain and I would make excuses. So Mr. Triv planned and planned and snagged a deal to bring Technopark to him. So he did, showing me the new Volvo buses which took Techies to office while I waited in the bus stop, making me wonder how it would be to work there! Mr. Triv actually made me long for him a bit. I would think “how would it be in Technopark? Maybe Trivandrum will improve. Maybe it is worth a shot to stay and taste Technopark a bit?” All the while Mr. Triv was laughing because that was his plan in the first place!
Anyway, Mr. Triv did not stop manipulating me. He made me sweat out a lot to get admitted to a college a little far away from him, but a thousand times un-happening than him. So I felt terrible and ran to his welcoming hands every weekend. I was relieved to smell him every Friday evening, happy to still get on his bumpy ride and be his girl. I was elated, because I still had him.
Mr. Triv, meanwhile, was getting angsty at the time I was ready to leave college because I had some other options. I had the shiny and hip Bangalore beckoning me to join. I always wanted to leave Mr. Triv. I knew in the heart of my hearts that Mr. Triv was not for me, only that was not how it was to be. Mr. Triv‘s technopark plan worked just fine. My job offer in shiny Bangalore was a laugh when compared to the one Mr. Triv got me offered. So I decided. TO STAY MARRIED AGAIN. We made up a little bit over the job part, but being me, I was bored to death soon. Mr. Triv was wearing me down. I wanted to run again, but he chained me again, with his ever manipulative mind.
This has been the truth of my Life so far. My marriage with Mr. Triv is just not right. He is not my soul mate, but it seems for him, I am. So, randomly he would tease me with beautiful sunsets, fantastically green monsoons, and some quaint hideouts to unwind.
He would be good to be sometimes. Mr. Triv would surprise me with evening showers and let me enjoy some good movies although his theaters are crap. Apparently, Mr. Triv loves me dearly.

I, on the other hand, consider him a static truth about me. I have affairs, with Kochi, with Bangalore, with other random places. My affairs make me feel pretty and good again. But Mr. Triv always makes me come back to him. And I always oblige.

We are married after all. And what’s marriage without compromises? If he can forgive my affairs, I can forgive Mr. Triv for being moribund, right?


Leya Triv

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  1. October 30, 2010 6:14 am


    You are back!!?? Great news..

    I missed your blogs ever since you axed fantasies and muses and never knew of your other blogs…

    Enjoyed reading abt your married-life with Triv and how desperately he clings onto you..

    Waiting for more from you! 🙂


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