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Being 16 again

May 12, 2011

* I go to the beauty parlour and get this awesome manicure, after which they let me choose the nail color. I realize they have a new selection of nail enamels from the last time. As usual, I reach out to ‘warm brown’, ‘subtle coffee’ and ‘office red’. Only, my hand knocks down another in the process- ‘whimsical fairy’. I check it and find that it is green. A very unconventional green, not suitable for office, or for an adult like me. But, isn’t whimsical fairy inviting? It is. And, so, here, in celebration of being 16 again! 🙂

* I do have lots of G.R.E.A.T news!! Awesome news!! I will share it this weekend!! And, is all about not being 16 again :)!! It is actually all about being a whimsical fairy!




Romancing the Apple.

May 11, 2011

I miss my best friend at work.
Because she flew to romance the apple.

Romancing the apple was the drink we contemplated having on that last day. I asked her how it is actually possible to romance an apple and then there was the obvious joke, and then the laugh. But, now when I look back, Baby, it is because you went to romance one, that we miss you here.

We miss your sarcasm, and your lightheartedness, and your love for the sane/sanity/insanity/(sanitizer?), and your jokes, and the laughs and hundred other things that we love you for.

We miss you everyday girl.

All because of the Bloody. stupid. crappy. Big Apple.


April 3, 2011

Exactly how e.v.e.r.y beating Indian heart must be feeling now.

Supporting England: The thrills

March 18, 2011

Today s match yet again was a cliffhanger! It so happens that after I cheered Netherlands to trump them in another good starting games, I have fallen in love with England, for no matter what people say of whether England deserve or not to get inside, they have entertained us all and how beautifully so 🙂

After batting pretty well in the first overs to the stupid middle order collapse to coming staggeringly close to handing the victory to WI by surrendering to yet another tail ender, England has been entertaining from the start to finish, so much so that I could actually not tolerate the ads that came after every wicket since the 6th! In the end, Strauss ‘s smile at the presentation was stick on and well deserved. He can take all the credit for the bowling changes at the crucial moments, to the test field like set up for the tail enders. His gutsy start helped too. Nice one captain!

Here is what it is like to watch England from the sofa with clenched fingers in another ‘arse-nipper’ like homeboy Swann mentioned!

Soon as Sindhu starts speaking on the pre match review, I change the channel. I can’t tolerate his made up enthusiasm and the terrible undercurrents that only he can see. Today, however, rooting for England, I was half relieved when he went-I see a 50-50 chance for both the teams, but I definitely think WI can hold forth-! This meant, going by his previous reviews, England have a nice chance of winning.

Just about all the news in the world took a dig at Trott for getting to know the pitch, the ground, the spectators and the state before a boundary comes through, so he went and proved everyone wrong. Good knock, but pretty carelessly got out in what could have been a nice and savoury innings for England. And then, in the final moments, the question for all of us was if that goddamn shirt of his caressed the boundary line or not. That shirt did, but he had his revenge when the same shoulders hoisted the ball up to pack the last wicket off seeing England win another heart stopping match.

Luke Wright justified his coming back with a nice knock, but what about him coming in a little more earlier next time? (I am crossing my fingers here). And good with the ball too.

In the field for bowling after England’s failure to bat the full 50 overs, it was Gayle giving us all that cameo, and then to look at some crazy batting line up from the Windies, which, Sammy justified at the presentation as something that resulted from a loo break of one of the players! Really??!!

Anyway, quick glamorous knocks from Sammy and that annoying tailender Russel meant more heart stopping moments. At one point, 6 wicket down, England was slowly being led to death by Russel, whose highest score till then was 3!

Great bowling from Bopara, Tredwell and Swann. Swann, incidentally, left his temper and his annoying pink towel in the dressing room, was supremely entertaining. Bopara is forgiven for his dropped catch of Pollard and a great man of the match performance from the soft spoken Tredwell made this match another beauty to watch.

Anyway, now the game is through, and all England can do is wait for the strange permutations from group A sink in, but, whether they go out or not, we must all love them for their inconsistencies and their consistent upsets of front running teams!

Thank you, and love you England!

And, before I sleep, because I am a girl and we don’t do such reviews and because tomorrow is Friday, and BECAUSE he is cute and I love his biceps sooo much, here is another photo of him, his biceps and his winning smile!


An English fan for now 🙂

PS: All images from Google images and espn cricinfo.

Driving those Blues Away

February 27, 2011

Yes, I am a Monday Morning blues girl(woman?).

But, here is a thought to drive them away this week.

I meet the owner of this car in a quaint little coffee place on a rainy Friday evening. And as soon as our eyes meet, we realize that we are long lost soul mates, meant to meet, chat and have endless conversations over coffee.

We would have so much fun together! And, years later, I would marry my oldest daughter to the owner’s youngest son.

The owner and I, would be BFF’s forever.

After my oldest daughter’s wedding, I will rent out my garage to my BFF. After all, good taste like that car requires a great admirer. Right?

(PS: Dear owner, please forgive your new BFF for publishing these blurry phone camera pics of your prized procession without permission when I spotted you both near Pattom yesterday. I suppose friends don’t require any permission isn’t it?. New friends included.)



A contemplative January

February 5, 2011

* January has always been my favorite month. Not this time though.
I turned 25 this January 29th and there was a sense of non accomplishment everywhere in my mind. But, on the other hand I had the best birthday ever because of this surprise:

So cute!!!!! And that too, when I was yearning cake like some pregnant lady.

Also, I must say, my great friend at work baked a delicious cake for me on Thursday, right before the actual birthday because 29th was a Saturday, and whipped it out after lunch when I was least expecting it! So wonderful! Love you guys!!!!

* So, yes, I have been lazy last month, but as usual, I had a million things on my plate and a vow to stay away from the system. (All for a reason!, which thankfully turned out to be great!)

* I am crossing my fingers right now. This year, hopefully should have lots to offer and should turn out to be most exciting.

How were all your 25’s like? eh?




January 9, 2011

While I was young, I never cared even an ounce about my skin, or the bad effects of my actions on it. Poor skin! It endured silently when I abused it with cycle rides at 2.00 PM on summer afternoons, or not even pretending to know what an umbrella is even when the sum exploded with vicious Indian heat. I loved cycling, so much that I would refuse to part with my cycle even after outgrowing it. But whats the logic behind cycling at 2.00 PM? I would never know, but my skin does!

On Saturday afternoons, I would walk back and forth from Ulloor to Kesavadasapuram for tuitions with a dear friend. My skin would just tinge, but the body would revolt with thirst, so all we would do is buy 1 Rs sip ups and sip it along as we walked, gossiping and talking.
The conversations were undeniably great! And my dear friend is still dear irrespective of her having fabulous skin which would heal by morning while mine would sustain the sun injury till the coming 50 years.

Anyway, my skin has had enough. Now, even a pinch of sun as early as 8.00 AM in the morning gives me shivers. I would tan and go red by night! People who know me in person would always make fun of me when I open the umbrella every time I step out into the sun, even when it is shady, but, if I won’t that will be it. No amount of peeling or sitting in a curd bath all night will remove the tan that will result.

So if you are like me and is angry about your skin reacting this way, here is my mantra about saving your skin form the sun.

* Umbrella, always.
* Sunscreen. period.
* Stay away from the harsh sun as much as you can.

* People who know me continuously make fun of me for being an umbrella person, but thats totally ok. If you are concerned about the style quotient, you can always switch up colours or patterns on umbrellas! So fun!

* Sunscreen is an absolute must. Even now, most of us in India seldom use sunscreens. We must. These days i always swear by my sunscreen, because it is one thing which I cannot part with. You must choose a sunscreen that suits your skin and you are comfortable with wearing.

I used to wear Lotus light matte SPF 40 for the last two years.

It is matte and so wont stick to your skin. Also, I used this because at that time, there weren’t any SPF’s higher than 40. But, I am no lover of matte. My skin has a typical wheatish texture and matte would make it a shade darker. Also, somehow, whatever the fashion police advocates about matte, I dont think it is suitable for the Indian skin.
But let me also tell you that I love Lotus for their umpteen other sun protection products. I have a cupboard stacked with Lotus and I plan to review them here too.

I was always on the lookout for sun products, so as soon as Nutrogena came to India, I grabbed their sunscreen.

Verdict: perfect for me! My skin is pimple free and I love a little oily base, so this SPF 70 is absolutely amazing for my skin. It given my skin a warm moisture and my compact can easily put the unwanted sheen at bay. But, if you are prone to pimples, you might want to see if this works for you. It says sheer on the cover, but it is not. It is oily and heavy; but soo good for my skin! I just love that they have upwards to 50 SPF’s. Great for Indian summers.
So try it on and leave a comment if you like it!

Last, try not to expose your skin to the harsh afternoon sun. If your eyes cringe and your skin is uncomfortable, that sun is definitely not doing any good to you.

Stay sun safe, stay fabulous!